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Rudi Goblen is a writer, dancer, actor, and music producer. He was commissioned by Miami Light Project to create the solo dance theatre performances Insanity Isn’t, Fair Welling, and PET. He is also known as an acclaimed B-Boy. Alongside his award-winning crew Flipside Kings, he has toured internationally, competing, adjudicating, and teaching.

Rudi is a member of Teo Castellanos/D-Projects, a contemporary dance/theater company that fuses world arts and culture while examining social issues through performance. With D-Projects, Rudi toured internationally in Scratch & Burn, a meditation on the war in Iraq; and FAT BOY, a project exposing world hunger amid American consumerism and waste. Rudi is a recipient of the Future Aesthetics Artist Re-grant (FAAR) funded by the Ford Foundation in conjunction with the Future Aesthetics Cohort, the Miami-Dade County’s Choreographers Award (2013, 2018), and a FEAST Miami Grant for his book of poems and artwork A Bag of Halos and Horns.

He has trained and worked with DV8 Physical Theater, Cirque Du Soleil, and is a founding member of Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre. He has released five instrumental albums, and is currently attending the Yale School of Drama for an MFA in Playwriting.


Rudi Goblen | Live Arts Bard Commission | World Premiere

After 30 years in the United States, it is the day of Fito’s naturalization ceremony. As he raises his hand for the Oath of Allegiance, he is transported to a composition of musical snapshots that make up his tapestry in this country. Some jaded, some moot, some filled with bodies of water, some disheartening—but none ever debilitating enough to keep him from chasing his dream to be the first American citizen in his family. FITO is an interactive concert-play incorporating songs, stories, and spoken word poems that meld to paint a soundscape of what it can take to be accepted in your own home, by your own people—or yourself.

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