Intro from the Curatorial Fellows

Intro from the Curatorial Fellows

Welcome, اهلا, and bienvenidos to the 2019 Live Arts Bard (LAB) Biennial: Where No Wall Remains! In preparation for this year’s edition of the festival, we have created a website to contextualize and give unique insight into the festival and its participants through conversations, resources and news.

This website is structured into three main sections: individual artist pages, the syllabus and a blog. The individual artist pages feature selected interviews and publications by the biennial’s participating artists. The syllabus outlines the current edition of the festival through a curation of texts, media and other resources, selected by the curators and artists, providing an insight into the conceptualization of the theme as well as the artists’ practices. In the blog portion of this site you will find updates about the festival, artists, and related world news!

We have been in conversation with the artists, engaging in discussions about their practice, influences and new work. This special conversation series will be posted in the coming weeks! Stay tuned for these conversations with artists, in addition to special festival events, and live updates on the festival and its supporting resources, including the biennial Reading Room.

Starting September 27, the biennial Reading Room will be open Fridays 1-4pm, every week at the New Annandale House (right across the street from Kline). Resources from the festival syllabus will be available for viewing, and one of the curatorial fellows will also be present to discuss the festival and answer any questions. A list of Reading Room events will be posted on the blog soon.

Take some time to explore the rest of this site, and check back soon for more!

–2019 LAB Curatorial Fellows
Sukanya, Thea, Triston and Dana

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